Partner brochure

Kiadványtervezés: EuroSkills brossúra

EuroSkills is back in our life. We are glad as we truly care about the new generation of trading professionals. This time we had to update the partner brochure of the organizing company. This documentation is important as the sponsors may decide based on the information provided inside the brochure. We used the layout we have created previously. We just had to update the text and the photos inside. Let’s cheer for Hungarian team in Abu Dhabi at the 2017 WorldSkills event.


What could be a greater honor than to support the younger generation of professionals? WorldSkills Europe’s international is a non-profit organization that promotes quality work and vocational training throughout Europe. Its mission is to showcase the value of expertise and increase the recognition of professionals. EuroSkills is the European contest of WordSkills, which will be held in Budapest in 2018. We designed the full visuals and image of competition and the full range of communication materials for the event. During the project, three main actors -whom were competing in 2016 – were selected during casting by our agency. We then […]