Mikropakk website

After the corporate image released in May, it could not wait any longer to rethink and recreate website of Mikropakk. Behind the fresh image there is a fully restructured site. The design and development of the site took 6 months, resulting in the finished website which combines the benefits of parallax pages with the classic structures. The simple and clear layout of the corporate image helped us to showcase the company’s strengths and services on the site. The tiny, but neat animated elements grabs and keeps the user’s attention. The website knows what a website needs to know in 2017: […]

Mikropakk video

As part of the Mikropakk corporate identity we created the image video for the company. Prior to starting the project, it was important to clarify the goals. Who will see and where will the video be shown? What is the key message that we need to address with the video? The text of the introductory video was provided by the Mikropakk brochure while the visual materials were handed to us by Mikropakk’s own photographer who has contributed to the success of the video with exciting drone footage as well. The nearly 3 months work began with the planning of the storyboard, […]

Mikropakk brochure

Kiadványtervezés: Mikropakk brosúra

Corporate publications and brochures in business are communication handshakes. Many times they serve as a first impression when a new partner meets with our company through our publications. It was time for the new corporate image to be featured in the company brochure. During the work from May until August, we have repeatedly rewrote the text, new images were added to the pages of the minimalist and elegant publication. The modern design is highlighted not only with the black color seen on the pages, but also by the contrast of bright, dynamic color photos. Download the brochure from Mikropakk’s new website!


Mikropakk arculat és webdesign

“Art comes from talent. Plastic products: from Mikropakk. ” said Mikropakk Ltd when it was asking our agency to help refine their corporate image so it reflects the innovation that the market leader company has achieved over the years and what is reflected in their philosophy:” High Value Creation with Innovation “. As a manufacturer of injection molding, injection molding plastic closures and packaging products, we started to completely renew the company’s image. The first elements of the new image were handed over to the workers and partners on May 2, 2017. While we were preparing the minimalist, clean design […]