Óbuda Group corporate image

Óbuda Group is one of the leading marketers, engineers and project management companies in Hungary. They have a team of 170 engineers, 28 years of experience, huge investments and presence in 11 countries. We have done many works together like new corporate image, new website, corporate publishing and many smaller and larger communication materials. Accuracy, precision, predictability – a real engineering virtue, but we also had to bear these characteristics ourselves to successfully complete these projects. Co-operation since 2015 continues until today, after the initial rush, we can talk about more streamlined workflows.

Óbuda Group (website)

We had started in spring (2015) and finished within in one year. Both the design and the development were done, and although the site is not complicated, many projects (images and data) have been added to the site. This was not an easy, routine task. Previously, we designed the entire corporate image of Óbuda Group, so the relationship have long been established. They have a trust in us – they’ve known the quality of our work and services. We have worked very hard with the image material to make the look united – as in this case (because of architectural […]