BKF has changed its image

After ten years (since its foundation in 2001), the Budapest Communication and Business College (BKF in hungarian) has changed its profile. According to BKF’s official announcement, the old design no longer reflects the position of the school. The new corporate image was presented at the BKF’s Zugló campus with an interactive light painting event last week.

The new logo is the work of Stalker Studio – the concept of the image and the overall corporate image was made by our agency. The 151-page guidebook presents and summarizes in 6 chapters all the offline and online communication materials of BKF. The aim of the design was to show and support the BKF’s role in teaching and its mission, which is also communicated with the slogan “Developing Creative Thinking”. The Budapest Communication and Business College has been growing steadily for eleven years now. With an ever-growing number of students (8,000 students), more education locations, more and more training courses and now in two cities. It operates in Budapest and Hódmezővásárhely.

BKF is the largest private school in the country. With two secondary schools, advanced vocational training courses, master classes based on undergraduate courses and specialist training courses. BKF offers a complex training in all four areas of communication, business, tourism, art. BKF has a good atmosphere with an open-mindset, an performance and competitive orientated institution, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and stable operating conditions. The other fundamental value of BKF is the pragmatism of the training, which presents the excellent professional knowledge to the students with the practical application.

Therefore, BKF’s education program focuses on language teaching, communication skills and creative thinking: students take part in every half year in an intensive training program that is unique in the domestic higher education. The success of BKF is also evidenced by the fact that intellectuals leaving the institution suit the labor requirements, are able to have high performance at their workplace.

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