Campaign for DIMENSION 50+

We have won on restricted tender the 50+ campaign work of DIMENSION Insurance company. The DIMENSION Insurance was founded in 1991 based on voluntary partnership.

In the past twenty years, it has fundamentally provided insurance to companies with their employees. His employer partners include Hungarian-owned small businesses, as well as multinational companies or state-owned institutions. The DIMENSION Insurance Association places great emphasis on making financial culture the most advanced in Hungary. In addition, it is committed promoting self-care and saving money as the DIMENSION Insurance Association says retirement is not the end of life but the beginning of a new life. DIMENSION Insurance is the first life insurance company on the domestic market that focuses specifically on a segment, over the age of 50.

It aims to educate people over 50 about the fact that there is a life insurance company in Hungary that sets out their insurance policies for their living conditions. At Dimension it is a value if someone is over 50. Dimension think with their head and personalize their insurance products to the needs of people over 50. We as an agency also had to formulate a relevant message in our concept that perfectly matched the target group’s expectations and the Insurer’s strategy. The creative concept has been developed in a series that shows different faces and life situations – referring to the fact that the segment of over 50’s are one of the most important segment of society. The above fifties are characterized by many important values: wisdom, life experience, responsible thinking. The 50+ communication materials appear in press releases, banners, molinos and posters.

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