Dance Month starts on Saturday

Thanks to the Dance Month starting on May 23, we will be able to meet with our favorite artists and dancers pictures, as the association of the Hungarian National Ballet “moves out” to the busy streets of Budapest for a little time.

The one-month program series starts with a ballet performance at Erkel Theater – ballet parody of Laszlo Seregi, on Saturday Sylvia can be seen by the audience. Before the performance the Seregi Prize will also be awarded for the third time to the most talented active choreographer.

At the same time, a large-scale photo exhibition – related to the Dance Month – will be opened, it will be partly hosted by the Erkel Theater and partly by the public places, streets of Budapest. The pictures that capture the emblematic scenes of the repertoire are the works of two famous Hungarian photographers: László Emmer and Tamás Gács. Thanks to their work visitors can also taste the beauty of the genre and dance.

“To capture an unrepeatable moment, to keep the variable constant, to tranform the movement into light and shade – that is all a good dance photo can do. It captures restlessness, energy, uniqueness. ”

The Erkel Theater is the home of the Karamazov brothers which is also the last piece in 2014/15 season and the Dance Month. The Eifman classic is built around the keywords of freedom, anarchy, God, responsibility and can be seen  eight times in June, performed by the Hungarian National Ballet.

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