Dynamic start

There was no stopping between the holidays and we started the new year with the same intensity.

We also won a new commission from a Hungarian representative of an international group at the end of 2012 (we will talk about this later on). We have prepared the creative materials of the new opera show for the Opera House, Wagner’s “Flying dutchman”, that will have the premier on 19th january and directed by János Szikora. The production is conducted by Austrian-born Ralf Weikert.

The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) will be hosting the XII. Financial Summit, with creative materials made with the headlines: Mission Possible.

The conference discusses Hungary’s economic situation and prospects with the eyes of leading economists, London analysts and credit rating agencies. In addition, we design and develop for GVI (The Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research), and we will develop a professional website that will be presented in detail. With its new features and complexity, it will be a very useful website that will be a very usable website for those who wish to choose among different professions and those love to learn.

In addition to serving our customers, we have also launched a large number of restricted tenders, we hope we will be able to report on their positive results soon.

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