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We have been preparing the Herend Herald brand magazine for two years now, keeping in mind the quality of Herend’s customers, increasing the brand’s image and increasing Herend’s sales activity.

Creating this issue is a complete editorial work, so from content creation to design, page editing and production management are all our tasks. One issue is published in three languages ​​(Hungarian, English, German) in a total of 10,000 copies and distributed all over the world where the brand Herend is present.

Since the founding of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory in 1826, it has faithfully crafted its masterpieces. The porcelain was once called “white gold”, to possess it is a privilege, a status, a longed for object, value. Working the the raw porcelain mass through the flourishing fire of the furnace to the final finishing of the painting was made by hand and it is until today at Herend – respecting the value of the great predecessors, preserving their spirituality, never leaving the designated path,. The values is born this way ​​that are known and recognized in every part of the world. The beauty of Herend porcelain can be seen in diverse spaces and homes.

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