Huf-Bau. Pont.

Five sponsored spots were commissioned by the Huf-Bau building materials network, three of which are rotated, and all five are aired on TV2 and M1 channels from February 1.

We won the job by winning a tender and we had to make the productions in relatively tight time frame. The primary goal of the spots was to increase brand awareness and raise awareness of the national coverage. Huf-Bau Franchise is a multi-site network which can be found at various points in the country.

As a solely domestic-owned, long-lasting partner in building materials industry, the company is providing its services with an advanced customer-centric sales system for individual customers, contractors and resellers who strive for high quality, cost-effective services at their construction sites. Huf-Bau and its partners place great emphasis on selecting the products for each customer from the known and recognized manufacturer’s products which can be found on the premises. They provide this service in accordance with the needs and possibilities of the customers.

Huf-Bau’s partners serve not only the usual “mastery level” the customers, but also provide advices by trained professionals on the selection and use of the materials needed. An important part of Huf-Bau’s business philosophy is respect for traditional merchant values, maintaining long-term partnerships with all customer target groups and suppliers.

Their purpose is to achieve all this in the spirit of professionalism. Instead of focusing on modern day, impersonal sales strategies, they focus on service-oriented sales, based on personal advices provided by highly qualified professionals. The buyer will get expert assistance at every Huf-Bau site about construction from the base to the roof.

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