Huge help from a tiny box

Humans could get sick mostly in winter, but the roof in every season. The problem was looking for its solution and resulted in the birth of the unique Tondach roof first aid box, which provides solutions to roof illnesses such as: heat stroke, colds, breathing difficulties and many other real and significant problems.

It is better to prevent roof-related illnesses, and by studying the publication it helps to find out how to avoid improper thermal insulation, how to ease the weight on the roof structure and we can get to know the huge benefits of Tondach systems and ceramic roof tiles!

The Tondach first aid box is essential for the end user and the staff working in the trade. In its construction, the Kreatív Műhely’s team and Tondach’s marketing experts kept the user’s experience in mind.  We have created an easy-to-use, spectacular and immediately-understandable content in the form of a special publication!

Summing up the exciting project it was all about »Delivering information in a spectacular and enjoyable way.

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