International colors, international success

They professionals of Baumit have been working since 2008 to come up with a new solution that fits the trends, the market’s characters and the factory requirements.

Lot of experts and professionals had taken part in creating the color system of future; coming from the areas as color counceling, product management, marketing and dealing with labor works. It had worked together with the designers of american CMG (Color Group Marketing) when it came to the issues of colors and trends. When creating the color system Baumit had carried out two polls in the Baumit countries ( the company is present in 28 countries internationally) and the result were surprising: the trends were very similar in the countries. At the selection of the new LIFE colors of course sales data had to be considered as well.  In order to have a successful launch the company’s marketing team had came up with a creative concept. The new Life® color system had been born which became Europe’s most comprehensive frontage color palette. We had the chance to work on the communication materials with the international marketing colleagues of the company and with the slovakian Lowe GGK.  Our task was to prepare and design layouts of print materials used in the international launch campaign. These were later adapted to 12 counties’ market during the launching campaign of 2012.

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