Liszt, In every respect

The Liszt year is slowly soon coming to an end with the campaign series that Müpa had begun since january.

The image communication of Müpa with its visual concept is concentrating on simple, clear picures solutions since the beginning. The Liszt materials we have integrated into this concept. Müpa’s slogan (Experience, in every moment) had been used and made into “Liszt! In every respect” headline and with that the grandiose event was communicated.

The message as a graphic element had become one with the well known logo. In case of the Liszt-logo it was obvious to use the piano keys as the most important symbol of the internationally famous composer and pianist. This is how the bank came to life as logotype, which we have spelled Liszt’s name. It was a communicational goal to reach those youngsters and deliver the message not only for Liszt fanatics but to all music – and art lover. We have converted Liszt, the celebrated star of the XiX. Century music life into the XXI. century‘s appearance.

If he would still live today – he would celebrated as a pop icon. Dressed in different styles of genre’s, wearing  piano key tie we made visible the transcriptions of Liszt  – standing up from the piano, the jazzist, tha dancer, the painter, the zany according to the program series. In almost every genre we had been able to enjoy Liszt pieces and adaptations. As a campaign closer we are able to see the most known creative on city lights and billboards, Liszt with Müpa pin.

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