Oops! One year have passed

Opera évadkampány 2017-18

Of course, not useless, since we have worked a lot. Perhaps this is why we have not been able to update our posts. Let’s see what we did…

The Opera 2017/18 campaign has been finished and has been released. On our FB page we had also posted the incredible long line that was formed at the Erkel Theater on the first day of the season ticket sales. That was amazing for us as well. In December 2016, the Euroskills competition was held in Gothenburg, which will be held next in Budapest in 2018. All of the communication materials of the competition was made by our agency.

We photographed, filmed, at incredible pace and as an we ended up with very cool materials. We have designed and edited the magazines of Herend Porcelain. Colorful, exciting work – we will have to make four issues this year too. In the same way, we created T-Systems’ VIP Magazine. In addition to our old customers, we have gained a lot of new: Jankovits Engineering, Mikropakk, Leier, Swedsteel, Bestroom4U, Energoprompt, Mechatro Motive, Creaton, The Real Escape and many more (some are not even public, yet) – details are coming soon. Or the most important thing in our lives is that we are working on our new website.

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