Opera – Where the world unfolds

We’ve created the 15 part image series that shows the new creative concept of Opera for fans and even  forthose who have just tasted or stumbled upon the genre.

On the creatives, the famous artists and stars of the Opera House appear in a specially rewritten world (which are connected to the opera pieces) – that broaden the boundaries of the house and the walls – bringing the viewer into a new dimension.

Opera houses are a prestigious institution everywhere in the world, but they can not only feed on the mere tradition – new social art forms are gradually evolving in their lives. New tasks are thus forced by the changing world of opera houses. On the one hand, they must remain an elite institution, but also have to open up to the wider audience, involving new target groups (eg young people). They need to find new and varied tools. There are spaces to be created (virtual / real) that will connect the audience with the opera and inspire them to exciting explorations.

The genre – in the whole world – is, in many cases, steps out of the opera house. They play an opera at an abandoned railway station, at an ancient arena, at an ex-factory or stationary ship or in a variety of temporary locations. Many times, the venue becomes the main attraction. It is a pleasure to recapture the genre almost completely – paying particular attention to the host / audience and bringing them closer to the work.

All this in represented by the Hungarian State Opera House’s fantastic repertoire in the 2012/13 season: 5 operas and 2 ballet premiers, 26 operas and 8 ballet productions, 31 concerts and gala events, altogether about 450 events – where the unfolds for everyone.



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