Palace made by porcelain

Herend kiadványtervezés

Porcelain Palace opened in the city center, which is interesting about its central part what is practically a huge furnace but also because of the huge range of classic and astounding porcelain wonders that enchants the Herend’s fans. You can read further interesting details about its specialties in the 50th magazine.

But it also will come to light why Mór Fischer, the former owner, donated a porcelain cock to Mór Jókai. We always knew that playing boardgame is fun, but it is amazing that Egyptian people did it after their death with their soul. We also took a blink to the circus’ world, tried the traditional indian dance and travelled until Vladivostok by the Transsiberian railway. You can find further interesting and exciting topics and wonderful porcelains in the next magazine.

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