That is done!

The new website is available for those who are concerned that we had done for the GVI.

The Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research had comissioned the new design for and the frontend development. On this site the student can receive information about the professions that can be found and learned in technical schools, the trainings duration and topics and the diploma received after the school.

Important information will be provided on the site about how to learn and receive a diploma about different professions exhibitions and it will give further information and insight vocational trainings and schools. Information can also be obtained from professions with the most favorable opportunities in the area of ​​residence. Those who already have a vision of what they want to learn can explore the possibilities of this qualification in some parts of the country. The user will be able to trace individual professions and, for example, two professions can be compared with different aspects.

It will be also possible to get acquainted about the most outstanding and most popular professions. From the point of view of professional choice, a very useful, clearly arranged and informative website was born. It was good to be a part of it.

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