Ventiv opens up to  new partners

After 16 years of operation, Ventiv extends its activities to new segments. In the autumn of 2011, thanks to market opening, our agency was asked to design a new image publication.

Ventiv Group the market leader in pharmaceuticals market’s HR provider which includes the operation of 4 business lines: labor exchange,labor hire and rental of quality exhibition stands. With quality intellectual leasing they are now opening up to new market segments, creating a fifth business branch, Ventiv Human, which provides an effective solution for labor problems and responding to a rapidly changing workforce issues. Ventiv employees are HR graduates with a psychology degree and have more than 10 years of experience in counseling. Their nominees are presented to clients only after personal interviews, assuming personal guarantees for them.

Ventiv takes the employee’s into his own employment, thereby reducing the significant administrative burden on labor. Also one of their current feature available is Ventiv Rapid, which was created to meet short-term and sudden human resource needs. Solving sudden problems with fixed-term contracts valid for a few days or a few months. Due to market opening their name has also been updated to Ventiv Kft. Continuous development and the continuous expansion of the company’s profile are among their strategic plans. For this strategy, we had to create a high quality premium material that reflects the spirit of Ventiv, is eye-catching, dynamic and naturally fits into the Ventiv’s image that we have developed.

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