We had some wine!

It is always an exciting job from the design point of view to create a wine label design. The Németh family winery had this kind of task in mind for us at the beginning of summer.

The Németh family in Szekszárd started to cultivate wine production in 2000 and then winemaking. They are currently farming a nearly 20 hectares. The offers of  the winery is typically made up of dry red, full wines. Their wines are characterized by fruity, intense scents and great fullness.

There vineyards and the grapes on them are used mainly for long-lasting wines, are late harvested, and they are  processed with reductive and wooden barrel aging. They sell their wines in wine cellars, restaurants and at their own vendors. Wine tastings are held in a cellar suitable for catering.

Of course, before the designing process, we got to know each other closely and deeply. Here are the first three bottles with new labels. Cheers!

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