We have JövőKép!

Magyar Telekom Plc. has issued a restricted invitation to develop the concept of T-Systems Hungary Zrt.’s  VIP client magazine (JövőKép) in 2014 to perform the graphic design and preparation of the publication’s layouts. For our pleasure we have won the tender.

In spring 2013, T-Systems Hungary (TSM) launched its quarterly published, client magazine, JövőKép. The target group for this publication is corporate and public administration middle and top management, decision-makers. So we had to set the base tune of the issue so it fits the “business to business” (B2B) segment. The aim of the JövőKép is to present the most important technological and business trends of the Infocommunication (ICT) industry, helping its existing and prospective customers to navigate at the fast-moving ICT market.

The magazine in both its design and content is prestigious, which is published in a stylish and high standard quality in both print and online.

As a result of the joint work, the layout of the first issue of 2014 is shown here. https://www.t-systems.hu/static/internet/download/JovoKep_2014_1.pdf The full version is available online at https://www.t-systems.hu/jovokep.

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