We went to Cannes – we won a prize

The image film of the Hungarian State Opera House has received two awards in Cannes.

On the 2nd of October, at the festival dedicated to awarding corporate films, the Opera House’s short film received the Best Black Delfin Prize for Best Music, and in the best feature film category – the Silver Delfin Prize was awarded by an international jury of film, marketing and communications specialists. The prizes were taken by the  Opera’s general director Szilveszter Ókovács, Róbert Gulya -composer, Tamás Gács – film director and Endre Végh – creative director.

There were 725 entries from around the world, 100 works had been awarded from the 36 categories in Cannes. In the image film category, the Hungarian State Opera has competed with customers such as Red Bull, Audi or Shanghai Hotel – Hong Kong.

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