It will be a big party

We have created one of the new creatives of the image development project of the Opera: Hunyadi’s premier communication materials. Billboards, press ads, citylight, MAHIR posters, banners and more.

It will be on every Saturday, which delights the eye. 1200 PERSON, FREE SEATS  WITH OPEN STAGE AZ THE PREMIER OF HUNYADI! Grant Parade at the season opening of the Opera House! The premiere of the 29th September opens with a magnificent open-air show that it had never been in the history of the theater, accompanied by a wind band and a miniconcert.

They are transforming the Andrássy Avenue into an auditorium with the accommodation of 1,200 seats, where visitors can watch the national opera free of charge, it will be a  spectacular outdoor ceremony: the opera singers and ballet performers of the Opera House travel along the Andrássy Avenue. Artists will be one of the protagonists of the season’s performances, who will be dressed in costumes, symbolizing opera performances of the season. Opposite the Ybl Palace, the Opera House’s partner, the Music Academy and the Bartók Conservatory are the launchers of the Hunyadi Festival. At the main entrance the Opera Confrérie are waiting with the melodies of the Hunyadi period. The seating is according to the order of arrival.

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