Corporate image of The Real Escape (UK)

In the summer of summer of 2015, the founder looked us up, who was planning to open a live room escape in the UK. Our task was to create a unique and individual image, deviation from the usual clichés, creating a strong and expressive visual that stand out in the saturated market.

Constraining the subject might be challenging for our graphic team, however, creativity always triumphs. This was not the case with The Real Escape’s escape room, where the shape of a key was incorporated in the word ESCAPE, hidden in the company’s name. It’s a simple but great solution, which is with the vibrant magenta color – unforgettable.

In 2016 we created additional communication and marketing materials tailored to the corporate image. Here stands a short list of common works we did for Real Escape: Photo wall, whereby the players can capture their experience. Brain, steering wheel and other shapes according to The Real Escape needs. Showcases and outdoor decorative and interior door stickers, which indicate the themes of the escape room behind the various doors. We can’t miss from the list the discount coupon campaign that was carried out with a cafe close to the venue.

In the life of the Agency it was the first UK based escape room. Real Escape still entrusts our agency with their business’ new features’ and rooms’ designs.