Fricsay 100

The Hungarian State Opera while constantly renovating the theater, technically updates its repertoire pieces in parallel with its new shows, paying attention to the appreciation of the great figures of the genre. The Fricsay 100 (Ferenc Fricsay, Márton Karczag, Szilveszter Ókovács) was produced for death of Ferenc Fricsay’s centennial, showing the oeuvre of the great conductor and composer with many archive illustrations.

“Fricsay appeared as a comet on the horizon … obviously, there were no more talented conductor other than him.”
(Yehudi Menuhin)

Fricsay’s album was the first piece in a series. Other prominent members of the opera literature had also received remarkable commemorations of their lives, such as Miklós Radnai and Sergio Failoni.

In another series it evokes the work of the emblematic artists of the Opera House. Players of the “Perpetual Members of the Opera” series: József Simándy, Ádám Medveczky, Ilona Tokody.