Herend publication

The nearly 200-year-old Herend Porcelain Manufactory Zrt. is the largest porcelain manufactory operating today. Each Herend porcelain is the result of genuine craftsmanship, the casting of Herend masters’ knowledge into several generations.  The Herendi is a Hungaricum, its history is intertwined with history and it still has numerous royalty, princes and celebrities between their customers.

We have been producing Herend Magazines since 2016. The Herend Herald magazine and the Herend thematic publication is published twice a year. For Herend Herald, not only designing layouts but full page editing is our task.

Herend’s message is as diverse as the colors of the wide range of products. Tradition and innovation, though fashionable words but in case of Herend’s are filled with content.

The magazine is intended to deliver this diversity with exciting, valuable, interesting content and with the images of Herendi Porcelain embedded into everyday life scenery.

Our major innovation includes reforming the cover page, moving the brand closer to women’s magazines style.

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