Corporate identity of Jankovits

25 years is a great time, especially in a company’s life. Many of the companies feel that they “have grown up” and have time to redefine their market position, brand and communication.

In 1997 Jankovits Hydraulics Ltd. opened its first Hungarian-owned company in Győr Industrial Park. Since that István Jankovits – the founder – has won the Entrepreneur of the Year twice. At first the company was engaged in the repair of hydraulic machines, today they are able to show up serious results in the field of machine engineering, automation and trade. Their net sales in 2017 were over HUF 1.3 billion.

As the company’s service range increased considerably since the start, rebranding became indispensable. What is a modern engineering company with high market success like? From what can it be attractive yet credible for both customers and employees? We were looking for these answers while we were thinking about the brand of Jankovits Engineering, doing the rebranding of the company and new looks of their publications.

Enthusiasm and trust in us always help us to get the best out of the team. A very good example of this is this cooperation as well.