Leier chimneys

If we like excitement – that’s it. Leier has long wanted to renew its website (design, structure, content, UI / UX, so in all aspects), where there are tons of construction products in ten product categories which they offer for both the domestic and international markets. Over the past 30 years, Leier has become the industry leader in construction and the largest construction material producer in Hungary. Its extremely wide range of products varies from the basement to the attic and with them it can build homes for their buyers.

From tiny details such as garden design, to larger issues such as environmentally-friendly, energy-saving heating, Leier offers every kind of solutions. Its nine building material manufacturing plants can be found across the country and it has about a thousand employees. Its complex infrastructure works beyond the borders as well. Thanks to its dynamic expansion policy, Leier has become a worldwide corporate empire.

We started to renew the website from “inside” with the conversion of the chimney webshop page and we are rebuilding the whole site completely through the product pages. In addition to the web page, lately we have also prepared a lot of communication material for them, including an corporate image movie which was made for the occasion of the 30-year-old Hungarian presence.