MÜPA campaign

One of the most exciting stage in our life was the design of Müpa’s image campaigns. When the Palace of Arts announced a call for tenders in the autumn of 2005, it was clear that it was not a simple graphic design task – not only because of the cultural role of the institution, but also because of the wide variety of communication materials. This complexity was part of the image’s communication from the beginnings for 5 years, where a strong message was defined by the communication direction and this has built the Müpa brand.

In addition to the communication image of the black / yellow, the image materials had played a major role in the burning in and making people remember to the meaning of the black / yellow  colors. Visual communication could be described by clean minimal design, a strong, focused message and after the first campaign everyone was excited about the sequel. Often the final concept was chosen from at least ten concepts those made it to cover the billboards of Budapest. Nationally, print ads were seen by the people.

Dr. Bálint Nagy, the head of marketing department of the International Business School – has said in Forbes Magazine about best hungarian brands:

“This is one of the most professional example of modern Hungarian brand building. I feel sorry that it was not me, who have done it.  I would be proud of it.”

That’s why we were and are proud of it.