Óbuda Group (website)

We had started in spring (2015) and finished within in one year. Both the design and the development were done, and although the site is not complicated, many projects (images and data) have been added to the site. This was not an easy, routine task. Previously, we designed the entire corporate image of Óbuda Group, so the relationship have long been established. They have a trust in us – they’ve known the quality of our work and services.

We have worked very hard with the image material to make the look united – as in this case (because of architectural projects) it was not possible to cut and edit the image materials. Óbuda Group is one of the leading marketers, engineers and project management companies in Hungary. It has been involved in more than 800 successful real estate developments and construction projects in Hungary and abroad.

A team of about 170 people specializes in large volume complex technology projects such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, infrastructure development, industrial facilities and energy investments. The website is available in three languages.