Opera 2014-2015

Where the word unfolds was the third year of a campaign series, it had been also the closing year of the series. For that a large-scale image film, a 12-piece creative and a related werkfilm had been made in connection with the Faust season 2014/15. The surrealist-style short film, which promotes the richest offers of the Opera ever so far, enlivens the fairytale world of the Opera House with both theatrical and musical symbols, depicting both the real world and the world beyond real world. The heroes return to their own medium to the Opera House.

Contrary to the campaigns of the last two years, this series has no longer interpreted only one or more different operas but has chosen archetypes of the opera and ballet world that are capable of presenting the diversity and emphasis of the world existing on the stage, on the other hand they showcase a selection of the institutes productions through the characters.

The second commercial film of Opera was once again performed by the artists of the theater, but at the same time – for the first time in Opera’s history – they wrote their own music: Róbert Gulya’s record was recorded with the orchestra and choir of Opera.

The imagefilm received the following awards:
2015. Cannes Corporate Media & TV awards – Silver Dolphin / Image, Opera
2015. Cannes Corporate Media & TV awards – Black Dolphin / Music, Opera
2015. Arany Penge – Film Solutions / Craft – “Best Production” / Opera
2015. Hipnózis – Gold / Opera The image for the concept of “Where the world unfolds”