Opera premiers

One of the most spectacular part of building the image of the Hungarian Opera House is the creation of the premier creatives. The logo is added to the posters in a predefined structure as well as the text elements. Using these elements help to define and recognize the “opera brand”. Then the visual creatives give an impression, symbolic hints to the plays or show a preview of the stage scenery. They are intended to express the play’s style and message. Lot of variations are made from the approved “base creative”, online and offline as well. There are 22-28 premiers per season that is why it is very important that the visual world should never seem recurring and we should always use new solutions. It is great pleasure for us that from these works a selection could be a part of the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts. The curators of the museum have chosen into the art exhibition many other image productions other than the premiers.


The posters that have been chosen into the art exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts:  
Art piece Premier
Erkel: Hunyadi László 2012.09.29.
Csajkovszkij: Anyegin 2012.11.03.
Wagner: A bolygó hollandi 2013.01.19.
Selmeczi: Spiritiszták 2014.01.19.
Strauss: Iphigeneia Tauriszban 2014.06.22.
Verdi: Aida 2015.04.04.
Bizet: Carmen 2014.10.31.
Strauss: Az árnyék nélküli asszony 2014.05.25.
Dohnányi: A tenor 2014.09.14.
Wagner: A Rajna kincse 2015.03.21.
French Late Night 2015.02.20.
Gounod: Faust 2015.05.17.
Stravinsky: A kéjenc útja 2015.01.18.
Verdi: Otello 2015.09.26.
Csajkovszkij: A diótörő 2015.11.28.
Reimann: Lear 2016.01.30.
Puccini: Bohémélet2.0 2016.02.19.
Wagner: A walkür 2016.03.06.
Csajkovszkij: Csipkerózsika 2016.04.16.
Purcell: A tündérkirálynő 2016.06.17.
Barta-Földi: Space Fantasy 2016.04.21.
Nicolai: A windsori víg nők 2016.05.24.
Verdi: Traviata 2016.09.24.
Kyling it 2016.09.23.
Messerer: Don Quijote 2016.11.19.
Donizetti: Lammermoori Lucia 2016.11.18.