Térváz corporate identity

Térváz Ltd was established in 1981. Thanks to its continuous development since 1997 it has been operating as a Térváz Építőipari Ltd. with the headquarters of Kiskunhalas. In 2006 it has opened a branch in Budapest as well. The main services areas are preparation and project management of general construction work.

The hall specialist company have asked us in 2014 with the need for new corporate design. They have dreamed of brand-new company image that shows their profitable business profile which was created by Kreatív Műhely’s graphic designers. The corporate image elements were the business card, envelope and letterhead design. Nowadays, no business could work without a proper email signature, so the e-mail signature has the same look as the business card.

Geometric shapes, warehouses and industrial building’s looks help to identify the company’s services. The timeless, modern emblem and the blue color reflects the youthfulness and reliability, all these underpin the quality of the Térvázs Ltd’s quality.