The Real Escape

We had been contacted by the founder, who was planning to open escape room in Portsmouth, UK.  These escape rooms have raised to great popularity in 2011 in Hungary. The company’s online presence was also part of the  corporate image.

The work began in the fall of 2015, and after finishing the office communication materials we could start the web design ( We had been provided from the client a well-elaborated brief for the site, along with a clear outline of the functional needs of the website. Our tasks were  building booking features, blog and strengthening the brand with unique graphics. On the site those who are interested will find the information they need and are able to book 60 minutes escape at the venue. All this is tailored to user needs in a quick and easy way, both in design and in website design.

For the successful launch, it was essential to reach the locals and potential online visitors for this purpose we made the social media appearances for The Real Escape UK. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages have received a new header design that corresponded with to the corporate image.