Virághegyi Winery corporate image

For many years we have been working on the wine bottle labels of the Virághegyi wine – Németh family’s winery in Szekszárd, which is an exciting designer task. The task to create a beautiful and unique design that harmonises with the portfolio’s appearance. The winery has been present in the world of Hungarian wines since 2000 and is based on family foundations, from grandfather to children, all serving wine. Some of the wine processing takes place in acid-proof tanks, but the Bezerédj family’s historic winery cellar also belongs to the family, where wooden barrel aging takes place. The wine cellar was originally built in 1842 and was renovated in 2006-2007. The area of ​​their vineyards approximates 20 ha, of which 15 ha is new plant. On the vines there are blue frankish, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and green veltelini curls are ripened by the rays of the day warming up the wine region of Szekszárd.

Their wines are taking part in both international and domestic wine competitions through the yearly with several first and second place prizes.