Our agency prepares the corporate image of a unique automotive test track based in Zalaegerszeg. In addition to the name of the project, the logo, the corporate image the goal is to create a complex communication visual.

One of the largest investments of this kind in Central Europe is the construction of a center with petrol stations, hotels and other service facilities enabling automotive manufacturers in the region to test their cars for weeks or months.
Zalaegerszeg provides 250 hectares of land in the industrial park of the North, and is investing 3.1 billion forints from the available territorial operational programs. On the track self-propelled, unmanned cars will be tested under artificial conditions. The government provides 35 billion forints from state resources for the construction.

Apart from being able to test the autonomous (non-driver) vehicles, the facility can help Hungary achieve its goal not only of vehicle manufacturing, but also of development.

The test track will indirectly and directly provide  jobs for 350 highly qualified staff with an engineering, research and development position, and the project will also influence and reinforce the education system of Zalaegerszeg and Zala County in vocational training and technical higher education.

Among other things, it accelerates the construction of the R76 expressway, which finally connects Zala county directly with Budapest. The R76 is supposed to mean more than car and road communication, as its technical parameters make it possible to test autonomous vehicles, intelligent public lighting, traffic lights, and “break-down” lanes.